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FIRE BE GONE....and replaced with something far more sexy!

Massive brick fire place... can you think of anything more unappealing?!? I tried painting it, I tried decorating it, I even put things in front of it to hide it. Truth was, it was big and ugly. So... I replaced it. First came the sledgehammer. It was totally fun but not practical. So meticulously I took out each brick!

Once that was done, I got my builder in to help think of ideas. Not wanting to loose the fireplace but wanting it to be a little more attractive in appearance, he came up with the pillar idea. Two 2x2 pieces of wood as a faux structure. I gave the fireplace a grand but far less imposing feel.

The walls are limestone and crumble when touched so having the builder do the work was a far better outcome than I would have achieved.

A splash of paint and an electric fireplace (we don't have gas) and we have a mountains chateau feel during winter!


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